Chemical and Petrochemical

Our company provided extensive support to the Italian firm TECNIMONT in the construction of the new Polypropylene Plant in Thessaloniki for the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group. In addition to blasting-painting works, our firm also undertook electromechanical support works and executed the entire pre-commission and commission testing stage. To complete this project, more than 200 specialized technicians were employed with state of the art equipment, in order to meet the strict specifications set by the Client.

The total cost for the construction and commissioning of this plant exceeded 250 million Euros.

The Polypropylene Production Plant, which is considered one of the most advanced in Europe, supplies not just Greek industries but also those of neighbouring countries with the raw material that has a broad and constantly growing range of applications.

Beyond the Greek territory, our company also executed fire proofing works and refractory works at the KPPC Aromatic Plant in Kuwait, in 2008-2009 for Tecnimont SpA and Kharafi National KSCP.