Power And Energy

Since 1970, the company’s founder and consequently the Group of Companies has been providing technical services to PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION SA of Greece plants (steam engine stations, hydroelectric stations, autonomous production stations in the Islands, local production stations, lignite excavation centres) throughout the Greek territory.

Our company continuous presence and the quality of its services have established it as one of the PPC’s most reliable and approved contractors.

The company has completed a large number of projects on surface anti-corrosion protection, industrial insulation and construction-engineering applications. In recent years, through its exclusive partnership with the German firm Steuler – KCH GmbH, our firm has undertaken and successfully completed a large number of contracts on acid-proofing thermoplastic protection with the application of the state of the art Bekaplast TM system, essentially resolving once and for all the problem of corrosion on the surfaces of channels, neutralization tanks, safety basins, silos, etc.


From high-concentration and high-temperature acids and chemicals. In 2005-2006, our company actively participated, in collaboration with VATECH HYDRO GmbH και ENET S.A., in the construction project of the first private Combined Cycle Power Plant in Thessaloniki, owned by ELPEDISON POWER, with a capacity of 390 MW.


Subsequently and up to 2010, the company undertook plant maintenance works both as a direct contractor of Elpedison Power and as a subcontractor for SIEMENS OSTERREICH, HAMWORTHY SERCK COMO, GENERAL ELECTRIC Corp, SPX COOLING TECHNOLOGIES and CMI S.A.